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First Aid for Severe Trauma (FAST) Online provides participants with the knowledge and skills they need to respond to an emergency involving life-threatening bleeding, including how to recognize a life-threatening bleeding emergency, ensure safety and communicate effectively in an emergency, control life-threatening bleeding using direct pressure, a tourniquet, or both. The course is designed to enhance participants ability to take decisive, lifesaving action to assist a person with a traumatic injury and life-threatening bleeding until professional responders arrive.This course is not a certification course and only results in a completion certificate. Please check with your state or workplace on whether this meets requirements for any high school graduation or workplace training requirements for bleeding control education.Responsive design allows for a user-friendly experience on desktop, tablets, and mobile devices. Allow approximately 2 hours to complete the course. This course does not work on Safari browsers.

First Aid for Severe Trauma (FAST) - Online

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