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The primary purpose of the American Red Cross Lifeguarding Instructor Crossover/Re-entry program is for former American Red Cross lifeguarding instructors whose certifications expired no more than 2 years before the beginning of the Instructor Crossover/Re-entry course and current lifeguarding instructors from other organizations (see list below)  to allow these individuals to participate in an abbreviated instructor crossover/re-entry course to become current American Red Cross Lifeguarding Instructors.  Instructors who authorizations were suspended or withdrawn for any reason are not eligible to participate in the Lifeguarding Instructor Crossover/Re-entry course.



Candidates must:

  1. Be at least 19 years of age.

  2. Possess one of the following basic-level Lifeguarding certifications:

    • A current basic-level American Red Cross Lifeguarding/First Aid/CPR/AED certification.​

    • An equivalent certification from another organization.

  3. Possess one of the following:

    • Documentation of previous American Red Cross Lifeguarding/First Aid/CPR/AED instructor certification (expired no more than 2 years).​

    • Documentation of current external credentials showing that the individual successfully completed a formalized lifeguarding instructor course with one of the following organizations:

      • Canadian Red Cross - Lifeguarding Instructor.​

      • YMCA - Lifeguarding Instructor.

      • International Pool and Waterpark Lifeguard Training Program (Ellis & Associates) - Lifeguard Instructor.

      • Boy Scouts of America (BSA) - either Aquatics Instructor or BSA Lifeguard Instructor.

      • Starfish Aquatics Institute - StarGuard Instructor.

      • Lifesaving Society of Canada - Lifesaving Instructor.

      • Royal Life Saving Society of the United Kingdom - Lifesaving Instructor.

      • United States Lifesaving Association - Open Water Lifeguard Instructor.

  4. Have successfully completed the online Introduction to the American Red Cross Lifeguarding Instructor Course.

  5. Obtain the Lifeguarding and Instructor's Manual (print), Lifeguarding Manual (print or digital) and American Red Cross Lifeguarding DVD set and/or Lifeguarding Course Presentation before the course.


Approximately 8 hours


To successfully complete the Lifeguarding Instructor Crossover/Re-entry, candidates must:

  1. Successfully complete the online Introduction to the American Red Cross Lifeguarding Instructor course.

  2. Attend and actively participate in all course sessions, including one practice-teaching assignment.

  3. Demonstrate proficiency in instructor-level skill competency in all skills and scenarios.

  4. Pass the final written exam with a minimum grade of 80 percent. 


Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive a Lifeguard Instructor certification which is valid for 2 years. However, it is only valid when accompanied by a current American Red Cross Lifeguarding/First Aid/CPR/AED certificate.


More classes coming in 2023! Call, chat, or email to check availability.

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