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Facility Services


Training is extremely important, but confusion mixed with adrenaline from a serious emergency situation can undermine the best training and intentions. What do you do when the worst happens? At Aquatic Safety, we understand the importance of remaining calm and knowing what to do in an emergency situation.  

With over 20 years of aquatic experience and training including: National Registered Emergency Medical Technician, Senior Aquatics Director, Lifeguard Instructor Trainer, Certified Pool Inspector, and a Designated Aquatics Professional, Aquatic Safety offers Facility Services to meet your needs. Let Aquatic Safety help you ensure your facility is ready, safe, and Department of Health compliant. 

Services we offer include:

  • Pool Inspections with feedback and recommendations for DOH compliance.

  • Lifeguard and Facility Audits with feedback and recommendations.  

  • Review and/or development of Emergency Action Plan procedures with feedback and recommendations.

  • Review and/or development of facility Policies and Procedures with feedback and recommendations.

  • Overview of your aquatic operations with feedback and recommendations.

  • Review and/or development of In-Service Training with feedback and recommendations.

You have the freedom to mix and match or select any and all services above to meet your needs.

Why choose Aquatic Safety? Leaders tend to be so engrossed in the day-to-day aspects of their position, or overly involved in the specific situation at hand that they forget to take a step back and consider a different approach. When it comes to creative problem-solving in a business setting, the solution often is as simple as looking at things from a completely different perspective. An outsider's objective point-of-view is instrumental on many levels. A fresh perspective shines light on problems that would otherwise have gone unseen or identifies opportunities that are hiding in plain sight. With a Master's in Organizational Management specialized Leadership and Human Resources, Aquatic Safety can provide the perspective you need.

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