Challenges and Refreshers are available while saving time and money!

The purpose of a challenge course is to proved participants the opportunity to demonstrate knowledge and skill competency outside of a formal class setting.  Participants have sole responsibility to prepare for the knowledge and skill evaluations.  Anyone is eligible to participate in a challenge. 


Participants who do not possess a current American Red Cross certificate(s) may participate in the challenge option once.  If they do not pass the challenge, they will have to take a full course and not permitted to attempt the challenge again. 


Individuals who hold a current American Red Cross certificate(s) may challenge as often as the courses are available and their certificate(s) remains valid. 


American Red Cross challenges are no longer available for Lifeguarding courses and have been replaced with Course Refreshers.  

If your ARC certification has NOT expired by more than 30 days, you can take a refresher course to renew your certification.  The purpose of a review course is to give participants the opportunity to review the course content within a formal class setting.  The format optimizes a participant's ability to successfully complete the knowledge and skill tests.  The responsibility for preparing for the written exam is shared by the instructor and participant.  View our Scheduled Classes for upcoming dates and to register.

*NEW* To renew your ARC LGI and/or LGIT certification, you will be required to take a LGI/IT Review every two years.  See our Scheduled Classes for upcoming dates and to register.  

AHA welcomes back the BLS Renewal courses.  Classes coming soon!

To re-certify for NSPF® CPO®, you can attend day 2 only for any full CPO® course.

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