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Aquatic Exercise Programs

Water Aerobics

Aquatic Exercise programs such as Water Aerobics is a type of resistance training that uses aerobic exercises mostly in the shallow end of the pool. No swimming skills are required. These programs are designed to improve cardiovascular fitness, strength and flexibility, build endurance, and muscle stamina by utilizing the resistance and buoyancy of the water to tone the muscles while protecting joints. Our Water Aerobics are conducted by National Master Level Instructor Eric Hammermeister. All classes are 45-minutes long.

1 class: $5/class

10 classes:  $40

20 classes:  $70

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Aquatic Personal Training

By combining aerobics and strength training with the buoyancy of the water, exercises obtain cardiovascular and muscle toning benefits without straining joints and muscles. Aquatic Personal Training is great for people with joint pain, undergoing rehabilitation, weight loss, or for maintaining your current fitness level. All participants receive a personalized program. Our Aquatic Personal Training is conducted by National Master Level Instructor Eric Hammermeister. Each session is 45-minutes long.

Private PT x1:  $50
Private PT x3:  $135
Private PTx5:  $230
Semi-Private PT x1:  $70
Semi-Private PT x3:  $200
Semi-Private PT x5:  $325

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